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Whopper Clicker

Whopper Clicker

Whopper Clicker
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Whopper Clicker


Whopper Clicker is a fantasy game where players will start by managing a small Whopper store and gradually grow into a real empire. Vibrant graphics and dynamic sound create an exciting atmosphere, helping players immerse themselves in the fast and exciting world of the fast-food industry.

The Detailed Gameplay

  • Click to Earn Money: Players start by clicking on the Whopper icon to earn money. Each click brings in a certain amount of money, helping you expand your business.
  • Research and Development: Invest in research to improve Whopper quality, increase staff productivity, and expand menus. These upgrades help you attract a broader audience and optimize revenue.
  • Players can monitor the power of their clicks and the number of clicks being added per second in the toolbar below the main score.

All Upgrades of Whopper Clicker

  • Junior: Increase your points per click (each use increases one point per click).
  • Double: Get one point per second.
  • Triple: Get ten points per second.
  • Lettuce: Increase 100 whoppers per second.
  • Mayo: Increase 2,000 whoppers per second.
  • Pickle: Get 15,000 picks per second immediately.
  • Ketchup: An additional 250,000 points per second
  • Burger King: five million points per second? Impossible!
  • Whopper Cursor: Increase click power by two million.
  • Whopper Rocket: 100 million hamburgers in one second.
  • Whopper Man: Become a god with 5 billion points added every second.

You'll be your own boss, make strategic decisions, and watch your Whopper empire grow to greatness. What will you do to achieve success? Start playing Whopper Clicker today and explore this unique journey!

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