Trap the Mouse

Trap the Mouse

Trap the Mouse

Welcome to Trap the Mouse! This game is available for play on the internet, although the rat motif is poorly executed. The rats got into your house and devoured your cheese supply. You'll need all of your wits about you if you want to capture that mouse and keep it in your trap. When working with a table composed of several small hexagons, selecting a cell and clicking it will make the text inside it bold. Once you start moving the mouse, the screen will adjust to match your pace. If you go too close, it will attempt to escape. You should get ready for it. Don't pass up the chance to succeed. The time to join Trap the Mouse is now.


  • Images with a vivid, vintage color scheme.
  • Multiple waves of enemies have been seen.
  • Preparation is the key to success.
  • Gameplay that is both interesting and fun.


Movement and manipulation of the players is accomplished with the mouse and keyboard. The game is terminated as soon as the mouse leaves the playing area. Keep in mind that you have a starting point of 20,000 points and will lose 50 points for every click. It's crucial to snare the rodent without wasting any time.

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