The Last Man
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The Last Man

The Last Man

The Last Man

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The Last Man


The Last Man is a survival horror game played from a top-down perspective in which the objective is to flee from a facility overrun by aliens. Find and gather up all of the different pieces of equipment and weaponry along the journey. Find a way to get away from these terrifying and unlit areas. Be careful not to let your guard down, since these aliens only need one hit to sever your head from your body. Are you able to rise to the occasion and take on the challenge? Come be a part of The Last Man today!


  • Everything in the game, including weapons, ammo, exits, and the positions of enemies, is generated at random.
  • There are three distinct ways the game might end, and each level is packed with enemies.
  • A setting resembling a labyrinth in 3D There are ten distinct firearms, ranging from fighting knives to sniper rifles.


Participants in the game known as "The Last Man" Move around with the arrow keys or the WASD keys to perform control. A left mouse click equals fire. To grab a weapon or an item, just use the right mouse button. Move the mouse wheel to switch weapons. R stands for reload. "T" stands for the thermal switch. ON/OFF N = night vision ON/OFF M = OFF/ON Use Left Shift and Space to run the map. P stands for pause. Best of luck!

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