Termy is a free, enjoyable word-guessing game that can be played by anybody online. Each player gets six chances to guess the correct word. Each guess must be a word that is allowed by the given criteria. Enter the code to sendHow prepared do you feel? Sign up for Termy right now to ensure you receive those enticing presents.


  • Animated images in vivid 2D color.  
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • There are a number of different challenges to complete. 
  • Fun and engaging gameplay.



Using the mouse, the player must click on letters to move and then make six guesses at what those letters might be in order to complete the sentence. After each guess, the tiles' hues will shift to indicate how close you came to the correct answer. Use the provided clues to zero in on the solution.

Termy isn't the only place to play a guessing game with Word; other sites like Jordle and Not Wordle are just as much fun. It's more fun when shared with others.

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