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Sudoku Royal

Sudoku Royal

Sudoku Royal
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Sudoku Royal


Sudoku Royal - opens up luxurious rounds with familiar yet challenging gameplay! Players will be tasked with filling in the numbers in the blank boxes in the main board game. All you need to do is, from the available clues, string them together to find the hidden number. The game rules are extremely familiar to sudoku enthusiasts. In case you are not familiar with this game, in the same row, column, and 3x3 square corner, each number is only allowed to appear once. That means you need to observe these conditions each turn in order to win.

Besides, Sudoku Royal has a note-taking feature that you can use when you are not sure about your turn. Gamers can record all possible values that appear in a cell and gradually eliminate them. Furthermore, in this game, you can also choose from many different modes and levels to challenge. Each round at each difficulty level will vary in the number of clues; more difficult levels will have fewer clues and take more time to complete.

The engaging features

  • Familiar sudoku gameplay in a unique theme. You can change the background color as you like with four attractive options.
  • The note-taking feature allows you to easily keep track of your plans.
  • Two modes (beginner and normal) combined with four difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard, and extreme) make your gameplay more diverse.

How to play

Players fill in numbers in the blank box by selecting a desired location and then clicking on the numbers at the bottom of the screen. The numbers that have appeared will automatically disappear in the number selection area.

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