Stickman Hook Rescue

Stickman Hook Rescue

Stickman Hook Rescue

Everybody may play the free web game of skill, Stickman Hook Rescue. Over the course of the game's hundreds of stages, you'll pilot a swinger. Over a hundred increasing difficulties make for a challenging yet enjoyable game. Get your character's key as the game goes on. Every second, you may choose a new persona to play. When aiming with your composite swing, be careful to pay attention to both the angle and direction. Is your swing something you can work on? To have the best of both worlds is what Stickman Hook Rescue is all about.


  • There are a ton of tiers to conquer.
  • In other words, a physics-based game.
  • Characters may play a variety of different roles.
  • Words and phrases that can be easily accessed


Using just their left mouse button, competitors must quickly string together a series of swings and hooks. I wish you the best of luck!

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