Speedrun Platformer

Speedrun Platformer

Speedrun Platformer

Welcome to the platforming game Speedrun Platformer! If you press the buttons, you can make history in the world of speed racing. Get the top spot on the leaderboard by going on a trip full of daring details. Dominate. Accelerate your pace. Use dangerous traps to finish the hard task. Learn how to do it. In other words, hurry up! You can have your own speed-racing adventure right now in Speedrun Platformer.


  • Images with a retro look 
  • It has forty stages in all. It has skins that let you get cool music from video games.


Players take part in the challenge by moving around with the mouse and running and jumping with the left and right arrow keys and the up arrow key. One of your friends has a lot going for them.

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