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Ridella opens up a unique word challenge with verses full of hidden meanings. Every day, players will receive a puzzle related to anything you can think of. The coverage of the answer is extremely large and diverse. Only players with top reasoning ability can find the answer. In particular, the hints in this game are also sentences from a poem. You can enjoy the beauty of words through this series of clues. From there, try to think of everything you can to fill in the answer box.

Despite the puzzle nature of a word game, Ridella does not have any limits on the letters in your answer. This also makes the round more difficult, and you won't even be able to know if your test is close to the correct answer or not. With each wrong guess, the crossword turns red, and a suggested verse appears. Until the whole poem is revealed, you will have one last guess before displaying the correct word. Of course, if you can figure out the mystery before the last turn, there's nothing better!

The creative features

  • With only four guesses and no character hints. This is the hardest challenge that requires gamers to carefully analyze available clues.
  • Verses will make the round more unique because you may not expect the correct answer.
  • After getting the final result, you can read the decoding of the verses for better understanding.
  • Only one puzzle appears each day. This feature helps the game keep players coming back and expands your exploration experience.

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