Racing Horizon

Racing Horizon

Racing Horizon

A really appealing 3D infinite racing idea permeates the game Racing Horizon. You will consistently race on the highway in a very strong vehicle. The game has a variety of sports vehicle types and upgrade possibilities. You have the option of starting a very protracted career in highway racing or driving on an unending map. You may also participate in a police pursuit mission. There are several highway racing maps, as well as different cars and game types, waiting for you! Let's go on!


  • Bright 3D graphics.
  • Unlocking new and improved vehicles.
  • Road maps that can be modified.
  • 15 distinct driving routes.
  • There are four primary game modes.


Participants complete the challenge and move in accordance with these guidelines: To move, use the arrow keys (W, A, S, and D). Change the camera to "C" and choose NOS: "F." Try to avoid crashes as you race to the finish line in your automobile!

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