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Polymath Crossword

Polymath Crossword

Polymath Crossword

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Polymath Crossword


Polymath Crossword is a daily crossword game with exciting puzzle challenges. Your task is to find the keyword from the few clues available. Using your amazing linguistic skills, carefully analyze the suggestions in the table on the right. Following the main game board, players will see numbers appear in some cells. This is the starting point for the keywords to search for, which can be vertical or horizontal. Any word that makes you think of the suggested word, try it and decode it one by one until it covers the grid.

The game requires you to have certain analytical skills. Suggestions can be in the form of synonyms, antonyms, implications, definitions, puns, and so on. Note that the keywords in Polymath Crossword are related to each other in terms of appearing characters. Therefore, you can use this feature as a kind of hint to infer the following answers depending on the previous one. This entertaining and educational gameplay is suitable for all types of players. Try it now and test your peak language skills!

How To Play

  • First, read all the suggestions once to find the one that is easiest to deduce.
  • Then, the player fills in the trial in the box corresponding to the number of the clue. You can only know if that answer makes sense when you solve a few more puzzles around it.
  • Repeat with the remaining keywords until the end.

You may have to repeat the first round because the tests are not feasible. Do not be discouraged! Try to use support tools to be able to play and learn effectively!

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