Pandjohng Solitaire

Pandjohng Solitaire

Pandjohng Solitaire

Pandjohng Solitaire is a universally appealing puzzle game that may be played online. Players in this game must successfully complete more than 80 levels in order to release 80 pandas and get their reward points. Have you prepared? Join Pandjohng Solitaire right now to take advantage of these fantastic deals!


  • Beautiful visuals in the game draw in gamers.
  • Players have a variety of levels to pick from.
  • Enticing extra points with easy game regulations.


Players take on the task by moving cards one at a time from their stockpile using the mouse. To remove one of your drawn cards from the field, choose cards with values that are greater or lower than that card. You must remove every card from the board without using up all the cards in your stockpile in order to finish a level. Good fortune!

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