Miami Crime Simulator 3D

Miami Crime Simulator 3D

Miami Crime Simulator 3D

An online game with a highly appealing action theme for everyone is Miami Crime Simulator 3D. With the aim of eradicating crime from Miami and Vegas, players assume the position of a policeman. Use any vehicle, like a tank, automobile, helicopter, or jet, to assist you in finishing your task and ridding the city of all criminals, much like a scenario from a divine killing. Are you all set yet? Play Miami Crime Simulator 3D right now!


  • Vibrant 3D graphics.
  • To accomplish 50 tasks.
  • 10 goals to attain.
  • Simple gameplay.


Players compete in the task by using the mouse and keyboard arrows aim/WASD to move, space to jump, mediaLMB/Z to fire, and RMB/X to enter. LShift, while throwing a grenade, activate the agent. Using TimeMWheel/Q/E, switch between weapons. Lucky you!

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