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MathDoku: It's not just about filling in numbers; you also need to perform the required math! Make no mistake, you have to perform the task of filling in the appropriate numbers in the blank boxes while also complying with the rules in each area. The familiar sudoku gameplay appears when the player is only allowed to use one value in a row or column containing it. Besides, the game board will be divided into zones for each individual requirement. You consider the beginning of each of these segments for clues during your turns.

MathDoku is not an easy game to get through. In case you do not understand the challenges in this game, here are the details:

  • First of all, you need to choose the difficulty and scale of the game board. Or, gamers can also try more difficult rounds in the Puzzle of the day section.
  • When entering the main round, you need to follow the bold lines to determine the area of ​​each set of numbers. Within the same bold area, the numbers will also be unique. The calculation appearing in the corners of these areas is the sum, difference, multiplier, or division of the values ​​appearing within them.
  • The smartest strategy is to deal with dark areas that have fewer blank cells than before (especially areas with only one cell).

The unique features

  • The notes feature helps players clarify suitable strategies by looking directly at the game board.
  • On top of each number will be the number of times it appears. This amount will gradually decrease after each use.
  • Innovative game rules combine sudoku and solving math problems to increase difficulty and stimulate your sharp thinking ability.

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