Master of Donuts

Master of Donuts

Master of Donuts

Everyone may enjoy the entertaining puzzle-themed online game Master of Donuts. The object of the game is to pile on delectable toppings until every doughnut has the same coating or color. Have you prepared? Don't miss out on intriguing chances; join Master of Donuts now!


  • Stunning 2D visuals.
  • Several levels.
  •  Each level has a limited number of movements.
  • You may restart a level.
  • Verify the number of opponents you defeated in each stage.


In order to complete the task, players must navigate with the mouse, click on a stack to choose the top donut, and then click on the tube you want to place the donut in. Let's set up every doughnut using these movements. You may always start again to try again and progress through the stages on this thrilling voyage.

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