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Life Sudoku

Life Sudoku

Life Sudoku

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Life Sudoku


Life Sudoku is an engaging puzzle game with appropriate positions for the numbers 1 to 9. Your mission is to complete the game board by filling in the values in the blank boxes. The rules of the game are extremely simple: just don't leave duplicate numbers in a column or row. Because you can only know the results when you have covered all the cells, be careful with each step. Don't bother with the timer because it's just a part for you to track your progress over many rounds of play, as long as you satisfy your free time with excitement and challenging entertainment.

Explore the marvelous features

  • Clear Marks: Allows you to clear your previous moves. A quick way to start over with an unchanged game board.
  • Show Clues: Don't overdo it if you can still try with your deductions and strategies. In case you want to solve the round to learn more about the gameplay, you can click on the Solution icon to see the answer.
  • Change Background: Refresh the experience with diverse backgrounds.

Fill numbers into cells

To fill in the numbers on the Life Sudoku game board, players can click on the empty box. A number board will appear, and you just need to make a choice. Additionally, you can also use the keyboard to enter the desired value.

Don't wait any longer; refresh your experience, choose one of four difficulty levels, and start your journey to conquer the numbers right away!

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