Jump out of maze
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Jump out of maze

Jump out of maze

Jump out of maze

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Jump out of maze


Jump Out Of Maze, an online game with an intriguing puzzle premise, is suitable for all ages. The only thing that matters in this game is getting through each level. Your goal is to locate the green spot on the box's corners, which is the exit, and click on the square to move the icon there. Why are you holding out? Join Jump Out of Maze right away to take advantage of these fantastic opportunities!


  • The use of 3D graphics
  • Minimap support is provided.
  • Gamers have a variety of levels to pick from.
  • Unlocking new icons.

How To Play

By clicking on the symbol and dragging the pointer to the other side of the icon where they want it to go, players may participate in the challenge. While playing the game, you may zoom in or out of the level map as you like. Additionally, you need to exercise caution around certain outside elements, like bricks, that might cause you to slide if you run into them.

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