Human Wheel

Human Wheel

Human Wheel

Gather some friends and ride the Human Wheel to your destination. Getting on the Human Wheel is a fun quest. To get across the platform, you will need to roll. Get going on your own sprint to the big wheel. Guide your group around obstacles that move, spin, and grow in size. You'll have to do some quick math on the spot if you want to save as many of the wheels as possible. Do you think you can find some helpers to fill the platform? Be a part of the Human Wheel right now!


  • 3-D animation.
  • There are a lot of obstacles to overcome. 
  • Easy to understand settings.
  • population and financial resources that can be increased.


In this crazy survival race, players move with the mouse and can join in by clicking on the arrows. You have to get through dangerous traps and a bottomless pit of thorns to get to the end and claim the biggest box of treasure. Just keep your eyes peeled and good luck!

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