Grand Extreme Racing
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Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing

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Grand Extreme Racing


Everyone can enjoy the exciting online racing game Grand Extreme Racing. These cars move at the speed of light, and the people who drive them are cruel. Isn't it time you got in your super-fast car and joined these racers in the Grand Extreme Racing game? This racing game has everything you could want, from a quick practice round to a thrilling race against a friend. It also has a long championship adventure in which you have to win the global championship trophy. With perks like these, it's easy to buy a new car. There are 100 tracks, five cars, and five other players. Pick a side and claim your spot in the grandstand. Now comes the hard part!


  • 3D pictures that look real.
  • Skins you can unlock and skills you can train.
  • Joysticks can be used while driving.
  • It's like having 10 different maps of the route.
  • Games for two people can be played.


This game has two different ways to play:

  • In the 1P mode, the player must say "W, A, S, D," "NOW KEY," or "NOT REQUIRED" to make a move. Press the "R" button to turn the car back on. From a different point of view, a "T" presses "C" to change cameras.
  • In 2P mode, Player 1 moves with the "Arrow Keys." The "M" vehicle restarts in the "O" position; moving backwards is "P." K is for a new camera angle. Game 2: Press "W, A, S, and D" to do things. TLA: "L-SHIFT" Press the "R" button to turn the car back on. Don't forget the letter "T." When you press the letter "C," the camera's view will change.

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