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Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker

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Google Santa Tracker


Google Santa Tracker is an entertaining and educational game created by Google to help children learn more about Christmas. This game platform includes many different maps and challenges for players to explore. The beautiful scenery of snowy winter days and the bustling festive atmosphere make the game easily attract a lot of interest. Not just Christmas; follow Santa Claus throughout the twelve months, and you can also calculate the date of Christmas with the game's exciting countdown feature.

The Wonderful Maps and Features

  • Journey tracking map in Google Santa Tracker: Gamers can find the current location of Santa Claus around the world. You wonder what they do and where they go on normal days. This game will give you these unique experiences.
  • Santa's Village: The most beautiful map that appears first in the game is the main interactive area that gamers can start exploring. Attractive locations such as the toy factory, reindeer barn, Mrs. Claus's kitchen, and so on can all be found here.
  • Christmas-themed games: Google Santa Tracker has an attractive game system with typical designs for this holiday. You can participate in “Catch the Candy Canes” or “Snowball Fight” with different gameplay and rules.
  • Interesting information: In addition to entertainment, players can also learn about this holiday. Are you curious how countries around the world celebrate Christmas? Fire up your device and start this unmissable adventure now!

How To Play

Although the small games on this platform have many diverse genres, most of them use the mouse to operate.

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