Fruit Lines Saga
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Fruit Lines Saga

Fruit Lines Saga

Fruit Lines Saga

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Fruit Lines Saga


The online game Fruit Lines Saga is available for no cost to any player and features a fruit-based theme. To eliminate enemies, it is necessary for the player to form lines—either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally—consisting of five or more elements of the same kind. It is important to prevent the fruits from completely covering the table. When faced with challenging obstacles, it is important to make intelligent use of special equipment like Undo, Hammer, and Bomb. That's interesting, isn't it? Sign up for the Fruit Lines Saga right away!


  • Unique Components: Undo, Hammer, and Bomb
  • Enhance functionality using the wheel of fortune (daily rewards).
  • Global leaderboard

How To Play

To choose a certain fruit, simply click on it. To transfer the fruit to a different tile, click on an empty cell in the grid. To eliminate them, you must create chains consisting of at least five elements of the same type. To destroy fruit, you can use tools like a hammer or a bomb. You can access the Wheel of Fortune by clicking the Gift button. There, you can spin the wheel to win bonus goodies. Playing the game on a daily basis will give you daily incentives (an extra spin). Your goal should be to achieve a high score so that you can move up the scoreboard. Interesting!

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