Forest Match
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Forest Match

Forest Match

Forest Match

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Forest Match


Forest Match is a fun and colorful match-3 game that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy. It's easy to fall under its spell because of how beautiful the graphics are and how nice the music and atmosphere are. Find the same fruits, plants, and other things in the forest to get points. If you connect at least three of the same type, you can make a set. If you connect more sets, you can make powerful upgrades. These helpers let you get rid of dirt, grass, moss, rocks, or ice on the screen so you can collect more things. "Forest Match" is a free game with hundreds of levels that get harder as you go, fun missions, and new challenges.


  • Images in 3D with many colors. 
  • The characters and their stories are cute. 
  • Every day, there are ways to make money. 
  • The ability to get many different bonuses and improvements.

How To Play

When players line up three or more of the same forest fruit, they get a lot of points and help the mission succeed. You can buy and sell products with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger, and you can even use boosters to help you out. Have fun!

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