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Flappy Birdle

Flappy Birdle

Flappy Birdle

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Flappy Birdle


Welcome to Flappy Birdle! Flappy Birdle is an online game with an extremely interesting word-guessing theme for everyone. The game's goal is to control Flappy Bird to fly over obstacles to the finish line. In each round, think quickly before rushing in to maintain the right speed for the bird to overcome obstacles. After you type, the cell color will change, letting you know how accurate the word is. Are you ready? Join Flappy Birdle today!

In addition to Flappy Birdle, participating players can discover many interesting games, such as Halma or Backgammon, in our Wordleverse collection. Join and win now!

How to play

The challenge involves moving and following instructions with the mouse. You can choose Easy Mode: The bird will not collide with the pipe, the number of attempts will be unlimited, and there will be less gravity. Good luck!


Why is it so difficult?

Try to overcome the challenges we create to demonstrate your success. Let's test everyone's multitasking skills. You can turn on Easy mode to skip the pipes.

How do I play Flappy Birdle?

To make the bird flap its wings, you have to type letters, trying not to fall. You get +1 point for each tube and +20 points for each correct word.

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