Flagdle 2
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Dordle 2
Flagdle 2

Flagdle 2

Flagdle 2
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Flagdle 2


Show off your skills as the master of geography with Flagdle 2! The game begins with the picture of a flag and your role is to find the name of the country that the flag originates from. As simple as it sounds, it is no simple task to uncover the country (without using any search engine, on honor’s code)! As such, after each attempt, the game will give players hints to make their next guesses more accurate!

There are three possible hints that players can receive:

  • The distance between the guessed country and the correct country
  • The direction from the guessed country to the correct country
  • The proximity between the two countries

With only six available attempts, do you have what it takes to uncover the answer of the day?

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How To Play

Type in the name of a country to make a guess.


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