Fibbble is a variant of Wordle that offers more challenging and engaging gameplay. The goal is to predict the 5-letter word with the fewest possible guesses. What's the status of your preparations? Sign up for Fibble right now to ensure that you take advantage of all the amazing possibilities that await you. Have fun!


  • Christmas spirit 
  • Vibrant colors
  • Thrilling gameplay
  • Entertaining stages
  • Easy-to-use controls


The player takes part in the challenge by clicking the mouse and thinking of suitable words to fill in the spaces. After you've filled in the word, the letters you guessed will show up in the corresponding colors, and they are: 

  • Green if it's the correct letter in the correct position. 
  • If the letter is right but in the incorrect position, it will be highlighted in yellow. otherwise, it will be left gray.

Mark any letters that you suspect are false. In order to flag tiles as false or true, you may either press and hold or use your right mouse button.


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