Drop Letters

Drop Letters

Drop Letters

Everyone may enjoy the enticing picture-guessing theme of the online game Scrape and Guess. To win the game, you must scrape the gray region on the screen, causing a section of the picture to appear behind it. With the help of the letters below, try to identify this image. Depending on the language of your device, you may play in Turkish or English. Why are you holding out? Sign up for "Scrape and Guess" now!


  • Stunning 3D visuals.
  • Fascinating aspects of the game.
  • There are several difficulties at various levels.


To begin the game, players are given the task of gently scraping the central gray spot with their mouse or finger. The picture behind the gray area will start to show up after the gray area has been erased.

Use the letters below to try to identify the image. Your score will decrease the more gray areas you eliminate. Good fortune!

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