Doodle Champion Island Games
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Doodle Champion Island Games

Doodle Champion Island Games

Doodle Champion Island Games
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Doodle Champion Island Games


Doodle Champion Island Games is a role-playing game from Google Games with adventurous challenges and exciting competitions. The game was released to commemorate the 2020 Summer Olympics, so players can see a clear sports theme in the rounds. Besides, you can also explore Japanese folk culture.

Playing as a cat named Lucky, you join the Doodle Champion Island Games with the spirit of winning all sports. Besides, adventure gameplay also brings experiences about other character activities, such as making friends and exploring new lands. The primary task of gamers is to win competitions and obtain the seven sacred scrolls.

Unique island setting and gameplay

Lucky alone crossed the vast ocean to reach the championship island. Here, players can see seven statues of champions representing seven sports: hurling, skateboarding, table tennis, rugby, archery, synchronized swimming, and soccer. These are all sports that appeared in the Olympics that year.

You maneuver your character to explore new lands and find different competition locations. Only when you win will you receive a sacred scroll. Once all seven reels are in hand, the character Lucky will become the new champion of Doodle Champion Island Games.

Control the cat hero

Note that each sport has different gameplay and rules. In case you don't know the law, don't worry. The island's characters are always ready to offer guidance and assist your cat. Gamers control Lucky by using the arrow keys to move. If you want to enter a certain location, press the spacebar. Depending on the sport you choose, there are corresponding command operations.

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