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Doodle Baseball

Doodle Baseball

Doodle Baseball
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Doodle Baseball


Doodle Baseball is an extremely attractive sports-themed entertainment game from Google Games. Players will play adorable characters and participate in intense baseball matches. Your task is to hit the pitcher's balls to score points. The game has character designs that make players feel extremely comfortable when participating in challenges. Smiling faces hide drama in every movement. Don't let any factors distract you from your main goal.

Explore the gameplay

The pitcher will in turn throw different balls, such as straight, spinning, high-flying, or invisible. It is difficult to predict these situations, so gamers need to concentrate highly to quickly grasp the direction. You use the left-click to have the main character swing his stick to block the ball. Some situations that can happen in Doodle Baseball:

  • Strike out: The character does not hit the ball; the opponent scores directly. If the opponent has three points, you lose.
  • Single - Double - Triple: You score one, two, and three points, respectively.
  • Home run: A shot with perfect timing. The ball flies straight out of the stadium, and your score increases depending on how many laps the main entities run around the field.

Every time you hit the ball, no matter the score, another character will replace you as a necessary change after a decisive hit. Note that these adorable main objects can also change attack direction from the left or right. Of course, the final decisions are still in your hands. Score impressive scores and become a pro now!

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