Dirdle 2
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Dordle 2
Dirdle 2

Dirdle 2

Dirdle 2

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Dirdle 2


Dirdle 2 is an online game with the theme of guessing from a multitude of extremely interesting suggestions for everyone. The goal of the game is to guess the word in five tries. In each round, participating players will receive some hints from the beginning to help players quickly find the correct answer. Isn't it great? Join Dirdle 2 today!

In addition to Dirdle 2, participating players can explore our Wordleverse collection, which includes many games with interesting themes, such as or Malay. Join and win now!

How to play

The challenge involves moving and following instructions with the mouse. After each guess, the player will receive suggestions based on the prediction's color:

  • Green (orange in colorblind mode): This letter is correct.
  • Yellow (blue in colorblind mode): This letter is in the word but not in this position.
  • The word "black" is not in the text.

Think of a valid five-letter word. If there are duplicate letters, assign the green letter first, then yellow, starting from the left. Good luck!

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