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Cryptic Crossword

Cryptic Crossword

Cryptic Crossword

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Cryptic Crossword


Cryptic Crossword is an upgraded variation of the traditional crossword game that attracts a lot of attention from players. Simple gameplay and complex and logical reasoning methods will make you immersed without knowing it. Feel free to guess the meaningful words from the provided suggestions. How to fill the grid with the correct answers? All need to apply the most accurate analysis. Don't forget to take advantage of knowing the number of characters in advance to narrow the scope of your speculation. The letters in an answer can affect subsequent moves, so be careful.

Types of clues in Cryptic Crossword

  • Definition: The simplest type of clue with a hint that directly describes the answer.
  • Synonyms or Antonyms: Find vocabulary words that have the same or opposite meaning as the suggested word.
  • Wordplay: It could be a verse that implies the answer, for example.
  • Dual: Combine some knowledge from many different fields. This is the most brain-hacking type of clue.

Popular topics in this daily game

  • General knowledge of subjects: literature, science, history, geography, etc.
  • Popular culture: movies, music, sports, entertainment, and more.
  • English academic vocabulary: synonyms, antonyms, and clever puns.

How to play

First, you need to read all the clues to find the easiest puzzle to decode. Then, make similar inferences until the round is completed. You can use the keyboard to enter your answer into the cell. Don't forget to come back the next day to improve your performance and improve your gaming skills!

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