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Cookie Clicker
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Cookie Clicker


Cookie Clicker will take players to a sweet cookie world. You will discover and accumulate large amounts of cookies with just simple mouse clicks. The deliciousness of the cookies you make has attracted many diners to enjoy them. If you don't hurry up, you won't have enough cakes to serve customers. Just create lots of items and unlock classy upgrades for your simple shop. Characters and abilities will help players create cookies in the shortest possible time.

Excellent Accessibilities

  • Upgrade clicker: A feature that will help players increase the power of each click. Each time you use it, you can see a hand representing the click appear around the giant cookie.
  • Clicker worker: It is impossible to make a large number of cookies in a short time alone. Workers are always ready to assist you if you can afford to hire them.
  • Automatic cookie factory: No need to focus on clicking continuously anymore. This feature will assist you in increasing the number of cookies automatically.
  • Accessibility upgrade support: Cookie Clicker's store also has accessibility features that help upgrade the value that support features bring.

Your endless journey in Cookie Clicker will never end with amazing features. How to create a factory with lots of cookies? Remember that the exchange value of each item increases with each use. Having reasonable calculations for your store to create the most products is a challenging puzzle, but not too difficult. Turn on the device and start baking your cookies right away!

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