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Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab

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Chrome Music Lab


Chrome Music Lab is an attractive music-themed game created by Google with unique designs. Players can explore the world of musical notes in a new and exciting interactive way. Like a small laboratory, you can perform all the tests you want until you have a satisfactory finished product. Melodies, rhythms, harmonies, etc. can all be conveyed in the most realistic way through drawings. Yes, it may not sound very related, but the scribbles will help you compose your own song.

Some experiences in Chrome Music Lab

  • Song Marker: Pick out different rhythms, melodies and sounds to create a complete song. A vibrant or quiet melody is up to you to decide. Gamers can only discover the sound strokes when experiencing this unique game for yourself.
  • Kandinsky: You can absolutely paint a picture with Chrome Music Lab. A masterpiece of both image and sound can be created thanks to this work of yours.
  • Spectogram: See sounds and create drawings with beautiful aurora lights.

In addition, there are many other experiences that gamers can freely explore, such as Shared Piano, Sound Waves, Arpeggios, and others.

How to Play

This game does not require you to have advanced musical skills or some professional musical skills. By just holding and moving the mouse commands, you can create your own masterpiece. Let your melody laboratory become colorful with the most wonderful touches and sounds!

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