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Casual Crossword

Casual Crossword

Casual Crossword

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Casual Crossword


Casual Crossword is a puzzle game with many attractive areas. Get ready for an exploration of creative themes! You will no longer have the headache of having to combine unlimited comprehensive knowledge. Now, players can choose one of four themes to participate in the game, including household objects, food, buildings, and cities. Each round will have a maze-like grid with subtle hints. With all your knowledge about the field you choose, you can use it to find the most accurate clues.

This game requires you to have an excellent vocabulary in addition to understanding the subject information. Don't worry too much because the suggestions will be extremely detailed. If you accidentally forget or don't know, you can use outside help. This is also a way for gamers to have more opportunities to learn new knowledge. Which field do you love the most? There is no need to think too much; just try every round. Who knows? Maybe you'll find an interesting new topic that you didn't know about before.

The appealing features

  • Simple gameplay with analyzing hints and finding keywords.
  • Grid design has alternating rows or columns. This is also an advantage to help you have more clues to deduce from the existing letters.
  • Four attractive theme options with hundreds of diverse game rounds. Every time you restart, you will receive a completely new puzzle.

How to play

You should read all the suggestions in the table on the right. Then, find a clue where you know for sure the correct answer. Next, enter the answer using the keyboard. You will only know whether the answer is correct or not when you uncover all the keywords from meticulous analysis.

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