Capybara Clicker
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Capybara Clicker

Capybara Clicker

Capybara Clicker
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Capybara Clicker


Capybara Clicker will take players to the farm of giant mice. Players will take on the role of a farmer whose task is to raise this cute capybara. You will not need any special food or care. All you need to do is repeatedly click on the character in the center of the screen. Your character will grow with each level, depending on the score you complete. Besides, great assistants are always ready to support you if you qualify for an exchange. In particular, the required scores for each accessibility feature will not increase after each use. The following calculation to achieve a high score in the shortest time is the puzzle you need to solve in this clicker game.

The Detailed Gameplay

The rules of Capybara Clicker are extremely simple, with familiar clicker gameplay. Players click on characters on the screen to accumulate scores. Accessibility features will appear in the right panel once you've unlocked the previous one. One by one, players will explore the full range of accessibility and turn tiny Capybara into a giant. However, your gameplay will not stop there. Unless gamers actively stop it, everything in Capybara Clicker will continue to grow automatically, thanks to the use of great enhancements.

Some tips for this game

  • When starting the game, take some time to click continuously. Once you've unlocked the first three to four abilities, you can take a short break.
  • With the feature of not increasing requirements after each use, players do not hesitate to exchange all their scores to get the most benefits possible.
  • Click to upgrade Capybara. Your character only increases in level when you are the one doing it. Support features will not make your pet grow up.

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