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Box Office Game

Box Office Game

Box Office Game
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Box Office Game


Everyone may play Box Office Game, an online game based on guessing which films will do well at the box office. The goal of this game is to correctly predict the five highest-grossing films at the domestic US box office for a given weekend. In order to get to the right answer as soon as possible, you'll need to depend on guesses regarding income, the length of time the movie has been playing on weekends, etc. Are you all set? You don't want to miss out on great chances, so sign up for Box Office Game right now.

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  • Simple visuals with high-fidelity audio and video. 
  • Include a suggestion option.
  • A straightforward setup works with any user interface.


Players take part in the challenge by clicking and dragging the mouse in accordance with the on-screen prompts. With just five guesses at hand, you must get the answer right or risk losing the game. Each accurate guess is worth 200 points, and if you guess every answer correctly, you gain an extra 200 points. Aim for the maximum number of bonus points. Have fun!

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