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Blob Opera


Blob Opera is one of the Google Games with a musical theme and unique and attractive gameplay. Are you a music lover and want to have your own composition? This is definitely a game worth trying that will help you create a wonderful opera with realistic sounds in a humorous way. Musical notes will no longer play a decisive role in this harmony. Instead, the worms will interact with you in different tones of voice.

Explore the charming gameplay

Your mission in Blob Opera is clear; create your own composition. Players control colorful characters that bob on the screen to create rhythms in the song. Don't worry, because the instructions will help you complete your life's work. You can drag the mouse to move the main objects with male or female voices that have both high and low tones. The higher the stretch, the more distinctive and clearer the sound produced.

The unique features

  • If you find the tones in Blob Opera amazing, let me introduce the real opera artists who have contributed their voices to this game: Christian Joel, Frederick Tong, Joanna Gamble, and Olivia Doutney.
  • Because it's a game, you don't need any qualifications or specialized training in music to do it.
  • The recording feature can help you share results with other players or close relationships around you.
  • There are no limits to your unique creations.
  • Start a real show with the settings of your choice.

What could be better than being a composer and also a stage designer for your own operas? Try Blob Opera now; you will be fascinated for hours with the most romantic or exciting orchestral pieces!

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