Battalion Commander 1917
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Battalion Commander 1917

Battalion Commander 1917

Battalion Commander 1917

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Battalion Commander 1917


The online game Battalion Commander 1917 is available for no cost to any player and features a military-based setting. The narrative of this game centers on an unremarkable but valiant soldier who is given orders that are nearly impossible to carry out. In a race against time, he must go through an area controlled by the enemy in order to locate a massive enemy machine and destroy it so that his 1,600 friends can be saved. You are a brave fighter! If you can set the imprisoned soldiers on hostile territory free, they will come with you on the mission. Gold must be collected throughout each run in order to purchase expensive upgrades such as heavy tanks. That's interesting, isn't it? Today is the day to become a member of Battalion Commander 1917!


  • Vibrant images in two dimensions.
  • Merge elements to get new ones.
  • Merchandise that may be purchased within the game.
  • A randomly selected chest of treasure


Players who take part in Battalion Commander 1917 move and fight in formation, following your mouse or finger, utilizing the mouse as their primary input device. To activate the skill, either click the left mouse button or touch the button on the bottom of the screen (if it is purchased). Best of luck!

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