Autocross Madness

Autocross Madness

Autocross Madness

Autocross Madness is a free online game that lets anyone enjoy the exciting racing action. It's time to put your foot down and get lost in the beautiful racing course that winds up and down steep hills. To win this contest, you need to give it everything you've got. If you're ready to show off your skills, press the play button on the main screen and the race will start. In each race, you compete against an AI opponent, and it's your job to win. There will be ten separate races, and each one will start and end in a different place. You said you were getting ready. Are you there yet? Don't wait to join Autocross Madness or you might miss out on cool events.


  • Forces from everywhere on the board.
  • In this two-dimensional game, there are ten levels to complete in this two-dimensional game.
  • Interface that is smart and easy to use.


All of the game's visuals are made in three-dimensional space, including the realistic racing tracks that players move around with the mouse. Thanks to the game's ultra-high resolution graphics, all players can enjoy the same stunningly accurate recreation of the race's original setting. The controls for this game are the easiest and most obvious, and the battlefields are the flattest you'll find anywhere. Have fun!

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