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Google Pac


Google Pac is a new version of the classic game Pacman with unchanged design and gameplay. Expand your experience in this tricky maze adventure with breathtaking movements. You will play the famous Pacman character, whose mission is to collect all the food on the map. Besides, players need to try to avoid dangerous ghosts. Each ghost with a different color will have its own unique movement path. You need to pay special attention to the red ghost because it always tries to approach the character. The pink ghost often moves in Pacman's expected direction, creating difficult encounter strategies. The blue ghost can take a step back to defend or attack quickly. Finally, there is the orange ghost, who likes to play by feel and can change direction unexpectedly.

Discover the unique features

  • Unique maze design with corridors arranged in the letters Google.
  • The addictive gameplay remains the same for the most thrilling experiences.
  • You can no longer paralyze ghosts; you can only dodge them.

Maneuver Pacman

Similar to the addictive classic game, you control the character in Google Pac using the arrow keys. Pay attention to the location and direction of movement of the ghosts for reasonable navigation. Besides, take advantage of open corridors in some cases to move to the opposite side faster or avoid the pursuit of ghosts.

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