Three Magic Words

Three Magic Words

Three Magic Words

Playing Three Magic Words is like a game of charades with a group of friends. As a player, you'll be tasked with using the round's clues to guess and uncover a series of concealed phrases. Use the provided information to your advantage and finish the task swiftly. So, why are you stalling? Do not wait to become a member of Three Magic Words and risk missing out on great chances.


  • 3D images that are vivid. 
  • So many tiers to conquer.
  • Knowledge of how to memorize information.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Video game addiction.


Players take turns using a mouse to search for a certain five-letter word that will fill one of the game's available boxes in this language and logic puzzle game. Get all three words right to go on. You have five rounds to collect as many stars as possible and ultimately emerge victorious. When you correctly guess a word, the cells that contain that word become green and stay put. Earn stars by picking the correct letter for the highlighted spot before the star goes away.


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