Word guessing has never been more enjoyable as it is in Thirtle, an entertaining online game clearly influenced by the ubiquitous Wordle. Users must submit a five-letter word in an attempt to decipher a hidden word. The brick's hue will shift after each guess. This is intriguing, right? If you don't want to miss out on great possibilities, sign up for Thirtle right now.


  • Puzzler with a lot of difficulty.  
  • A cognitive enhancer video game.
  • There is not a progression system. 
  • Video game addiction.


Participants take part in the challenge by clicking and typing to navigate and complete various tasks. When a word is correctly filled in, the color of the letters changes to reflect that. The hidden word must be guessed in fewer than six tries before the player may go on to the next word. Challenge yourself to come up with 30 consecutively correct words. If you fail to complete any of the steps, you will need to start again.


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