Everyone enjoys the fun of the word Codle guessing game. Players use their guesses to uncover the secret words. All letters have the same offsetting value since they all represent letters of the alphabet. Both the offset and the decoding word are picked at random for each game. If it's a "z" and the offset is 1, the character to be encoded is an "a". It starts with "g" becoming "h" and continues on from there. Getting ready to go? It's a good idea to sign up for Codle right away in order to avoid missing out on any fun quizzes.


  • Animated, colorful, and 2D screen.  
  • Play is difficult and the controls are simple. 
  • Multiple choices of keystrokeable words.


The task is done by using the mouse to move around and enter information in the right boxes. For the blanks to be filled with words that really imply something when put together. Utilize the provided information to locate the solution fast.


Our selection of word games includes not just Codle, but many more fun options like Bludle. I wish you the best of luck!

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